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37 Raglin Place, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1R 7J2



Maxilift is a light weight, skilled and hi-tech crane that is modern and user-friendly. Thanks to its manufacturing concept and modularity, it represents the ideal solution for several fields and applications.


For more information please refer to the Maxilift Capacity Chart or contact Pride Bodies Ltd.

  • Possible installation in different points of the body without losing payload space
  • Takes up very little space when stowed.
  • Excellent crane weight / max. loading capacity ratio
  • Hexagonal boom is constructed of high tensile steel giving it greater strength and less weight.
  • Gradual and easy movements in whole loading spectrum
  • Accurate production finishing and protection against corrosion
  • The world widest range of crane models and versions 
  • Availability of alternative hi-tech safety systems for the same crane model
  • Possible fitting of reliable, efficient and user-friendly remote control systems
  • The electrical power supply and pump is enclosed in a compact box with a durable PVC cover to protect it against the harsh North American elements.
  • Counter balance valves on both lifting and extension cylinders ensure safe and smooth operation.