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37 Raglin Place, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1R 7J2



Cobra is a light weight, versatile and hi-technology crane, built to last for many years of trouble free performance. 

Cobra crane

For more information please refer to the Cobra Capacity Chart or contact Pride Bodies Ltd.

  • High tensile Swedish steel one piece boom, single robot-made weld bead
  • Excellent crane weight / max. load capacity ratio
  • Dead weight lower than any other brand
  • Programmable cable or radio remote controls
  • Overload protection with transducer on load limiting device
  • LED display enables the operator to carry on normal, safety checks and diagnostics
  • Fast and high efficiency planetary hydraulic winches or DC electric winches
  • Unlimited continuous slewing system from model 5500 up
  • Emergency manual override on every solenoid valve
  • Mounting and maintenance kits included in the crane package

Additional safety features:

  • Anti-two block and empty drum wire rope stop
  • Non-rotating high tensile winch rope
  • Over center valve on every cylinder
  • Oversized and nitrated boom pins, distortion-free